Thursday, August 26, 2010


After decades of this form of folk music bearing the brunt of jokes, it may well be emerging again. Do you agree? Let's look first at a sketch by humorist, Loriot. (His real name? Bernhard Victor Christoph Carl von Bülow! This man's reputation for comedy has grown well beyond the German speaking world.)

Earning a Yodel Diploma would be a most practical and honorable quest, wouldn't you agree? Lucky Frau Hoppenstedt.

Or, not? Well, there's a third generation of yodelers hard at work winning hearts in Switzerland and beyond: the Oeschs family band, OESCH'S DIE DRITTEN.


Twenty-year old, Melanie Oesch, and her family have been winning all sorts of prizes. If you visited the above link, you could probably tell why.

So, how to learn this singing skill? Here's Taylor of the Chicago area, who found her own way to yodel.


--> Does it seem like Taylor is having fun while she's yodeling?

--> How about her audience?

--> There are even some reports which claim that yodeling is a decent physical work-out. Do you suppose there could be any truth to such a claim?

--> So, who feels like practicing up for a gig at our next OKTOBERFEST? Let me know!


  1. wow, taylor is really good, she's so young to, thats really interesting how she learned it from a tape and a book. The audience were amazed by her yodeling and how she put some beat into it . yodeling probably is a physical work- out, because i have seen laughter yoga, people laugh, it is know as one of the exercise routine. Its really funny to watch people do this. It is on my blog.