Thursday, August 26, 2010

BASTA : Wir sind Deutsche

Now that I've discovered this new a cappella band (see below), I want to share a second one of their songs.


1. Watch the video with the sound OFF. What looks familiar? Write down all the German words you expect to hear in the lyrics.

2. Now, listen and watch. Check off all the words you wrote down, which were featured. How many did you know in advance?

3. How well do you think the video enhances the lyrics?

4. Are there sections which you can't understand?

Yes? Then, try this version!

Of course, the second word in the title shown above must be a VERB, right? Since there's only a single beat, the transcriber here wrote the verb as a single syllable. Deutsche war'n = Deutsche waren (waren = were; don't be thrown off by the incorrect apostrophe).

• Which version do you now think is most helpful to watch?

• Do you enjoy a song more when you understand its text?

• Do you think you can learn a language by learning song texts?

--> Let's do a check. What do these phrases mean?

1. Das Land ist klein. ______________________

2. Viele passen rein. _______________________

3. Deutsche waren wir schon als Kind. _______

4. Nicht alle müssen Deutsche sein. _________

5. Deutsche werden Helden über Nacht. _______

6. Deutsch lieben Zäune. ____________________

7. Wohnzimmer und Schränke sind Schwedisch.__

8. Deutsche wollen nicht warten. ____________

9. Deutsche schlafen vor der Glotze ein._____

10. Wer sind Goethe? _______ Schiller? _______ Beethoven? _______
(und Travi? --ein Komiker, namens Travis? Das weiss ich auch nicht genau.)

11. Wir sind keine Doofen. ___________________

12. Das ist typisch Deutsch. _________________

--> Gut verstanden? Dann hast Du ja viel gelernt!


  1. 1.The country is small
    2.Many fit inside it.

  2. I listened to the
    basta Deutsche film I think that it was SO different listening to it without sound it was so boring. I loved it when I put on the volume because the lyrics were so catchy and fun. I didn't understand all of it but I still liked the sound. The guys voice was very nice too.