Friday, August 13, 2010

Time to plan our 4th GAPP Exchange to Düren!

In September, our German-American-Partners at NKHS will select their partners from Burgau Academy for our fourth 2-way exchange program! Our German Club has already presented a scholarship to one lucky applicant: CONGRATULATIONS MARGRET!

During the school year, besides communicating with our partners, and getting to know them, and besides working hard to improve our German language skills, we will also plan activities for us all to do together during their 3-week visit in April! (Will we stay overnight in NYC, or will we just plan a day trip? What shall we do in Boston? Providence? Newport? etc.)

We'll also be preparing ourselves for our own 3-week visit with our partners in Germany, which starts at the end of this school year. (Every participant makes a presentation in our partner school -- in German!)

Here are a few shots from our last visit:

GAPP nach Düren

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Is there room for another participant or two in this 4th Exchange? Let's talk! This quite simply is the most valuable, most worthy (as well as most affordable -- not much more than the price of an airline ticket) travel program for students that I've ever known.

For more information, check out: THIS LINK


  1. In Boston you should take the exchange students to go see the mueseum of science. Its really neat to see all the things they have. The Imax is really cool.

  2. I can't wait for this summer. I'm already signed up and every last penny is going into my Germany fund. I wonder what my exchange patner will be like and I hope we will get along. I'm a little worried about going but luckily a lot of my friends are going as well. I heard that you are now offering this trip up to french students and I'm trying to drag my other friends into doing it with me. I agree with Bernhardt that the muesum of science is a great place to go. We should go to Newport too.