Saturday, December 18, 2010

Burgau Gymnasium

Keep an eye on our Partner School's Website, linked HERE!


--> Do you like the way the video starts right up?

--> Were you surprised to find yourself listening to Al Jarreau?

--> How many times did you spot Andreas H. in the school's video?!

--> How about GAPP-Chaperone, Herrn Ulrich Ehrhardt?

How many OTHER school partnerhips does Burgau Gymnasium reference besides ours?

Where are they?

Just below is the link to the student-written articles on their last visit to Rhode Island. Check it out! (Lots of the photos will look familiar!)


--> Did you spot any superlatives in the text?

--> Our 16 Partners plus 2 chaperones will be with us during the first 3 weeks of April. What types of things do you suggest we build into our schedule then?!


  1. Wie schon! Ich kan nicht fur GAPP wartet. Diese schule sieht sehr gut aus. Veillicht denkt die Dutsch uber unsere Schule auch? Ich bin sehr glucklich das ich en Gapp sind.

  2. This is awesome I wish we had something like it

  3. Die Schule haben wir mit wohnen ist so sauber. Ich mag wie es ausseiht. Ich denke deise reisen spas ist!!! Ich stimme mit magaret , Ich kann nicht June wartet!

  4. ohhh WAO the last picture caught my eyes. it is very artistic.. This school look very shon by the way.. and clean, very clean; but we do have some similarities.

  5. There are all very different and cool in there own way.

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