Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sprachen lernen. WARUM?

2010 Winning Videos

Those are last year's College, Middle School, and finally High School winners.

If you have good ideas, and would like to participate in this year's contest:



  1. Ich habe der Erste sehr gern. Wie Lustig!

  2. Each video was very interresante. I especially liked the first video because it showed how saying the wrong words, although you think you saying the right ones, gets you into a lot of trouble. It also showed that learning a different language could save your life or someone else's. Learning new languages can also lead to better choices for college classes and activities. Just by learning a new language can help you get a long way in life.

  3. I liked the first video the best, the second one was good too. However if they were trying to appeal to kids then the last one is just kinda dull and boring, though it has all the facts.

  4. The first video was hilarious you would think after the chinese man hitting him he would decide to take a foreign language class! The second and third video was a good premotion to get kids to take a foreign language class and how it benifits you later in life