Monday, December 13, 2010

ENGEL in NYC Rammstein in Madison Square Gardens

Samstag, am 11. Dezember 2010

Engel = Angel/Angels

Hier unter 20,000 Fans: Acht Minutenlang als Encore gesungen.
So haben sie sich ihren Fans geehrt und gedankt!
(Thus have they their fans honored and thanked.)

"New York, Thank you very, very much. -- Komm gut nach Hause (?)"


  1. That stage is absolutely massive. I wonder how many people were at that concert.

  2. A couple of my friends were at this concert. I tried to get tickets, but they had already sold out. :( This looks fantastich!


  3. Not my kind of music, but I thought the special effects with the wings, fire, and rain were cool