Thursday, February 13, 2014

Deutsch in NK... WEITER SO!

Here is another humbling testimonial...

To Whom it May Concern:

It has come to my attention that there is a possibility that the German program might be eliminated from the North Kingstown High Public School curriculum.  I would like to go on record stating that such would be a disastrous mistake. Here are some, but certainly not all reasons:

- Of all "foreign" languages, German is one of the most important- even when compared to Mandarin.
-Look at the economies of every European country and you will realize that Germany has the strongest economy.
-While Spain, Greece, Italy, and others are near default, it is the German economy that supports  the entire EU. 
-The German language is the most relevant language in today's world economy.
- German is the one language that links English speakers to the economic engine of Europe. It opens up more opportunity to its speakers than any other European language.  
- NK has a treasure in Professor Baker!  As a parent, I owe her a great debt of gratitude. Her boundless energy, teaching style, enthusiasm, and GAPP program make NK unique among school systems nationwide. As someone with a background in HR, I can comfortably say that Professor Baker is the last place that I would look when seeking to cut costs.
- NK compares favorably with both public schools [nationwide], and with private schools. As one who attended a private preparatory school and graduated from an Ivy League University, I have to say that my daughter had a better education at NK than I did at my private prep school!
-NK can take a great deal of pride in its diversity and quality of education. The US is already woefully bereft of "foreign" language education. Cutting back on language education is the least prudent place to make sacrifices.

- The German program/ GAPP Program profoundly affected my daughter's life. She now has a lifelong love of the language and culture. This is a direct result of her experiences at NK.

Thank you for your consideration of my sentiments. Thank you for supporting the German language study program at NK. It was - for our family- the very best part of our NK experience. 
I feel strongly enough about this to offer to come to the school and speak to anyone who would like to hear more. I will sign petitions and take any other actions that will support the valuable contribution that the German program makes to NK.

Jamestown, RI
Diese Wörter sind unglaublich für mich zu lesen.  Darauf versuche noch diese Unterstützung zu verdienen. -- Wie kann ich mich dafür bedanken?  Ich schreibe also einfach hier nur:  Herzlichen Dank, Herr T!!!  

NOCH ein Brief kam neulich von einem Schüler aus der Klasse 2009!

Dear Dr. Auger,

My name is (private) and I am a 2009 graduate of NKHS. I took four years of German in high school and participated in the German American Partnership Program - hosting a German student at my parents home in North Kingstown twice and traveling once to Düren for a three-week stay with my exchange partner and his family. Now I am preparing to graduate from the University of Rhode Island's International Engineering Program with degrees in Engineering and German. Without the German program at NKHS, I would have never pursued such a program at the college level.

My GAPP exchange experience with Frau Baker and the other American students in Germany was the greatest learning experience I had in all four years of high school. My exchange partner, Chris, is one of my great friends to this day. We email each other regularly and I have visited and stayed with him and his family twice since that first exchange all those years ago.  Being able to travel to Germany, live with a German family and experience a foreign culture as a 16 year old sophomore in high school is an opportunity that students at North Kingstown will LOSE if the German program is eliminated.

Frau Baker is a one-of-a-kind teacher who has a gift of teaching German. To this day, I still recall the little jingles I learned from Frau Baker to remember German prepositions.  Students wishing to learn a foreign language at NKHS will be WORSE off without her and the German program.

The German program at NKHS gave me foreign language skills that I still use every week at URI. The German program at NKHS helped me make life-long friends who I can call on when traveling in Germany.  The German program at NKHS gave me an unforgettable cultural experience when I was just 16 years old. And now the German program at NKHS has led me to a Bachelor of Arts in German and a one-year stay living and working in Germany gaining experience that will prepare me for life after graduating college. Without the German program at NKHS, none of this would have been possible.

Please consider keeping German at NKHS. Your students will reap the benefits........ 

Habe ich die allerbesten Schüler der Welt!?   Juchhe!

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