Monday, February 3, 2014

Tonbandgerät spielt in Boston

Diese Band begann mit zwei Schwestern, Sophia und Isa Poppensieker.  Sie spielten eine lange Zeit nur für Freunde.

Dann gewannen sie 2012 den Preis für Neue Musik....
Nun reisen sie 4 Wochenlang durch die USA...

WOHIN?  Nach Boston !  Aber genau wo?  Heute habe ich es gelernt!  Melrose Veterans Mittelschule.

GENAU WANN?  Am Freitag, den 28. März.
Am Vormittag? Nach der Schule?  Am Abend?  Das weiß ich auch nicht.  Doch.  Heute habe ich es gelernt:  Das Konzert fängt um 10 Uhr (morgens) an!

Wenn Ihr Interesse habt, dann sagt es mir! 
Sollen wir schon wieder zusammen ins Konzert gehen??!

Lernen wir zuerst mehr über die Band, Tonbandgerät!


Geht auch bitte auf Step into German.

Am Ende der Einheit zu „Irgendwie anders“ gibt’s ein Vorstellungsspiel zur Band.

·         Angehängt habe ich eine Einheit zum Lied „Mal mich“.

·         Schaut euch auf Step into German auch den Video-Wettbewerb an.

Eine Reise nach Hamburg und eine Stadtführung mit „Tonbandgerät“ sollte doch ein attraktiver Preis sein. 
Ich bin sicher, eure Kids werden nach dem Konzert unbedingt mitmachen wollen ;-)

Das Tonbandgerät-Tour-T-Shirt ist nun auch fertig.  Die Band wird auch ein paar coole Sachen am Konzerttag verkaufen.

Herzliche Grüße und ich freue mich, euch alle am Konzerttag treffen zu können!

Folke-Christine Möller-Sahling, Ph.D.
Goethe-Institut Boston

OK.  That's the promotion from the Goethe-Institut.  Let me know if we should support this event.  It falls on a DAY 1.
Should we decide to attend, we'll probably want to organize a group outfit or T-Shirt.  I can take care of the school bus to bring us there -- for $12 per person.  The concert is free.

SO, you asked just how can one win this trip to Hamburg?  This just popped up after lyrics on the StepIntoGerman website:


You know that the band “Tonbandgerät” is one of the great exports of the city of Hamburg. But did you know that Hamburg is one of the coolest places in all of Germany? It’s the metropolitan center in Northern Germany that has something for everyone: an amazing music scene, world-class soccer, great shopping, an international atmosphere… and all this in the incredible setting of a lively port city!

Now you have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit this awesome city this summer with your best friend! You won’t be going to Germany as an ordinary tourist. Instead, “Tonbandgerät” will take you on a tour that will lead you far off the beaten track. Visit cool clubs and find great shopping spots with Ole, Sophia, Isa and Jakob. Catch a soccer game and celebrate with some of Europe’s most passionate fans. Whatever your interests, “Tonbandgerät” will make sure that their home will become your home.

Tonbandgerät © Universal Music GmbH / David Königsmann

What do you need to do to win this incredible trip?
Produce a short video! Show us why you can’t wait to visit Hamburg and meet “Tonbandgerät.” Use music, photos, and interviews to “make Hamburg come alive”. Show that you are passionate about the city and the band!



The Grand Prize 
A trip for two* to Hamburg in the summer of 2014, including:
- airfare
- hotel accommodation for seven nights
- and a chance to meet “Tonbandgerät”!

2nd Prize: one iPad2
Each for up to two team members

3rd Prize: one iPod touch
Each for up to two team members

4th – 10th Prizes: one German “Wundertüte” filled with surprises such as German music CDs, T-Shirts, Hamburg souvenirs, and much, much more.

11th – 20th Prizes: an autographed “Tonbandgerät” CD and band memorabilia

*: if two minors win the Grand Prize we will also cover travel costs for an adult chaperone.


  1. Make a video that is not longer than 3 minutes. You can work alone or with your friends. If your video is a team effort, two team members will be awarded prizes – which means: two students will get to go to Hamburg, if that team wins the Grand Prize.
  2. Upload your video to YouTube.
  3. Send an email to  with a link to the video so we can watch it.
  4. Do this before the submission deadline of 11:59 EST, April 15, 2014.
  5. We will upload the top 20 videos to our Step into Germanwebsite.  The Step into German jury, consisting of jurors from the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) and the Goethe-Institut San Francisco, will pick these 20 videos. The jury’s decision will be based on the video’s originality, creativity and interpretation of the theme. The production value will be a minor factor in the jury’s selection process.
  6. And now the fun starts! Get voted on by your classmates. Let your Facebook friends know about the contest. Tweet about your video. There are many ways to get people to vote for you. (Details about the voting process to follow.)
  7. The five top vote-getters will make it to the final round. The members of “Tonbandgerät” will determine the Grand Prize winner.


Don't worry if you've never made a video before. Your clip doesn’t need to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be slick, but it should be uniquely yours! And it's perfectly okay to make your video a team effort.

Here are some ideas for your video
  • Write your own song about Hamburg
  • Make a video based on a “Tonbandgerät” song
  • Interview some former “Hamburgers”
  • Explore why Hamburg is called “The Gateway to the World”
  • Portray the Hamburger SV or FC St. Pauli, two of Germany’s greatest soccer teams…
These are just some of our ideas. Surprise us with some of yours! Be creative and funny. Give the video your personal touch.

You can find a short introduction to Hamburg on “Step into German”.

But there are so many more resources on the web that will help you with the project. Especially useful is the official Hamburg travel website.

Suitable Music and Photos
Music: &

Photos: Comprehensive images can be found You can use these photos in the contest.

Otherwise, look for photos that are available for download under a Creative Commons license (go to Google Images—Options—Advanced Search—Usage rights—“free to use or share”).

You can always, of course, contact the artist for permission to use his/her work in the contest.


The contest is open to Middle School students (grades 6 through 8) and High School students (grades 9 through 12) from around the United States.

There are just a couple of requirements:
  • The video cannot be longer than 3 minutes.
  • The language should be German – First-year German students: try to use at least some German words.
  • No obscene language, no nudity, no explicit and offensive material.
  • Do not use other people’s photos/videos/audio files/documents without their permission. It’s okay to use the “Tonbandgerät” lyrics and music. For tips on how to find suitable music and photos, see above.
The Goethe-Institut San Francisco reserves the right to any final decision with regard to contest rules and rule changes, and to the prizes awarded to the winners.

Photos of Hamburg: Used with with kind permission
iPod touch® & iPad 2® are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


  1. Die Band ist interessant und sehr gut aber die musik ist nicht meine favorit. Ich mag Country musik. Tonbandgerat ist eine gut neue Band.

  2. Die Band sieht interessant aus und ich finde die musik sehr schön aus.

  3. I think that could be a really fun field trip and learning the songs in class would be pretty cool too.

  4. Wir müssen gehen! Sie sind eine gute Band, und es ist Spaß zu gehen!

  5. I love their sound and lyrics; I'll be looking further into their music! The trip sounds exciting!

  6. Ich will zu dem Konzert gehen. Wir müssen diese Band sehen.

  7. MECHANIKER SAGT: This is an interesting band with a lot of potential. It's well worth our checking out and attending the concert. I've only heard two songs, AUF DREI and HALBMOND, and like them both. I don't have a favorite yet, but look forward to hearing the other songs. I hope that our class will be interested in submitting a film to the contest.

  8. Ich finde das Band Prima, and bin ich das leid "Irgendwo Anders" in meine kompf die ganze woche geblieben.

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