Monday, August 24, 2015

Cashiers at Aldi earn considerably more than elsewhere


Cashier Salaries 

Salaries by Company   Cashier - Hourly

4,082 Salaries        Updated Aug 22, 2015
Min          Max            National Average
$10k         $32k                   $19,425
Providence, RI Area Avg  --- Not enough employee data in this area
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Target (844 Target Salaries)
  Average      $8.88 / hr
  Minimum    $7.00 / hr
 Maximum  $12.00 / hr

Sam's Club (262 Sam's Club Salaries)

ALDI doesn't require low-end workers to fetch carts from the parking lot.  How so?  Carts are locked up, and can only be used if you insert a quarter.  The good thing is that nearly every customer wants to retrieve that quarter after shopping, so they return the cart themselves, and release those quarters.  ALDI shoppers in Europe temporarily invest a whole Euro to use their shopping carts at ALDI.  Dedicated ALDI shoppers always keep their coin nearby, so that they don't need to fumble around without a shopping cart in the store. This self-help attitude requires fewer employees to be on hand, and keeps costs down. Also, the cashier job itself involves other duties, including stocking shelves, and some inventory control.

While cashiers earn over $12/hour, ALDI managers earn $20/hour.

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