Sunday, August 30, 2015

First Day of School? Don't Miss Getting a Schultüte !

Make a Schultüte 
By Marie LeBaron

There are many ways to get your kids excited and ready for the new school year. As my oldest is going into First Grade this year (I can’t believe he’s already in 1st grade), I thought it would be fun to make him a Schultute. A Schultüte, or school cone, is a German tradition where parents give their child going into their first year of school one of these giant cones filled with school supplies and treats. So as my son is going into his “first” year of school, I’ve made him this giant Schultüte (Star Wars -themed, of course, can you tell he likes Star Wars?)!

* poster board or large cardstock paper
* scissors
* glue stick
* heavy tape, I used packing tape
* Decorations: I used a Star Wars poster to cover the poster board, but it could be decorated with paint, crayons, paper, stickers, whatever you think your child might like.
* tissue paper
* ribbon

First, you’ll want to cut the poster board into the shape of a large triangle. I also cut my Star Wars poster the same size too. Then I attached my Star Wars poster to the white poster using a glue stick.

You’re ready to roll it up to form the cone. Then using the packing tape, seal the edges together. I used regular scotch tape to hold the cone closed until I used the heavy tape to seal it all together.

With your glue stick, put some glue all around the outside of the cone, about one inch from the top. Then holding the cone straight between your legs, attach the folded in half tissue paper to the outside of the cone. The first tissue paper didn’t make it all the way around, so I used two sheets of tissue paper.

Fill the Schultüte with your goodies for your child. I put in colored pencils, a notebook, a ruler, pencil sharpener, his favorite candy M&Ms, and a few other small things that he might enjoy or share.

Then tie the tissue up with ribbon to seal it off and keep the contents hidden!. In Germany, these Schultüte get quite a bit of mileage. They are presented at home and carried to school by the child.  Family members join in at a special  first day of school reception, which of course, involves individual and class photos -- complete with Schultüten.  Afterwards, families return home to celebrate the new school child in their own way, often with invited guests. 

**For another version of a smaller style Schultüte, visit our friend Zakka Life.
Also, if you’re not the crafty kind or *cough* can’t fit *cough* this project into your schedule, you can find unfilled Schultütes for sale at Magic Cabin
So, who'll be the first one to mention the Schultüte that is in the corner of our class this year?  

I don't expect to create one of these for each first year German student, although I have done so in the past. (Perhaps the German Club will take that on this year instead!)  But I do expect to fill, and distribute from, the Schultüte which is already there, as feels appropriate. (Several years ago, our class Schultüte magically filled up every day all first semester long, and into the second semester, thanks in part to some remarkable student elves.  Thanks again!! )-- rsb

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