Saturday, November 14, 2015

From Switzerland: Threema

A friend forwarded me information about this site  for texting to Germany plus other features.

The key to its utility seems to be that it's 'secure'.  I pass it along to you because of your school partnership.  FYI:  I'll just share here what this one person said about Threema:

"Yes, I do use Skype for conversation. I know that Skype also has a messaging function, which is similar to an “instant messenger” but I don’t really use that.  While Threema is indeed a messaging service, I use it in lieu of texting/SMS. There are several reasons why I don’t text much -​ one of them is data privacy concerns. It also has other functions, like polling your friends, which might be interesting to others. But as I said, out of principle, it's basic data privacy and end-to-end encryption that are of importance to me. 

My brother, who turned me on to Threema, said that he personally does not (yet) have that many Threema contacts.  I find that hard to believe.  It appears that even in Germany most people use WhatsApp, because it is free  (!!! at least for the first year) - compared to the whopping *one-time ever* 1.99 euro investment in Threema.  

I'm surprised how few people seem to care about data privacy.  And considering who actually owns/is behind “free” services such as Skype (Microsoft?) or WhatsApp (Facebook?), I'm happy to have found a way that focuses on the old German proverb – 
       “Umsonst ist nur der Tod, und selbst der kostet das Leben”.  
              [Only  Death  comes  for  free; well,  all  it  costs   is   your  life.] 

Yup, I think Threema  is awesome."

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