Sunday, October 31, 2010

31 OKTOBER: REFORMATION und Martin Luther

Today is a good one to look at European history through this one influential German's life, in: Eisleben (south of Berlin) • Wittenberg • Wurms • Erfurt • Eisenach • Wartburg • Marburg • Augsburg, Martin Luther, Father of Protestantism.

(Protesting Christians = Protestants)

Describe life in Luther's time.

How had things changed toward the end of his life?

What happened in Europe throughout the next 100 years?


  1. Interessante Video. Es war kühl zu sehen einige Orte in Deutschland.

  2. i'm learning about this in world history.
    zehr interessant.
    -Die Teufelin

  3. Life in Martin Luther's time revolved around the dominant church. Especially for Luther, who was a monk. What has changed since is that society and Europe has been becoming more secular. As we saw in the magazines (german 3/4 klasse) around 50% of Germans claim they have no religious views. I think Martin Luther would be totally shocked by this statistic and by the secularity of the modern world.

  4. The video was interessante. Nice glasses though. When was this taken, 1960s? It's amazing how far religion has gone in Germany and the world.

  5. I am learning about Martin Luther and the Reformation in World History class. Life in Luther's time was all about church and religion because the church controlled most parts of a person's life. Europe has become much less religious since Luther's time. The video was interesting.