Monday, August 18, 2014

Am Wochenende beginnt die Bundesliga einen neuen Saison  is a pretty thorough website for following German "Football" as well as soccer played in clubs around the world.  The opening pages and clicks refer to the sport in Germany's club system.


Tabellen rechner  (Point tallies:  3 earned for a win; 1 for a tie)  
Einsätze  (Starters and subs)
Scorer    (Goal scorers)
Torjäger  (Goal kickers)
Topspieler   (!)
Elfmeter   (Results from any penalty kicks - from 12 yards out)
Karten   (Red / Yellow penalty cards handed out)
Elf des Tages  (Details of Team of the Day)
Mann des Tages  (Player of the Day)
Zuschauer   (Number of paid spectators in the host stadium)
Schiedsrichter  (Referees assigned)
Relegation (How close to, or far from, dropping to the minor league a team is -- the US has nothing like this; the pressure sure keeps things interesting!)
Historie   (Glimpsing at the past often helps to betterunderstand the present)
clubs playing this year in the Bundesliga)

2. Liga   (Results for this premier minor league)
3. Liga   (Results for this secondary minor league)
Regionalliga   (Results for these regional divisions)
Amateure     (Results for amateur divisions)
DFB-Pokal   (Details about earning the National Trophy)  

International Fußball  (Details on various international leagues)

Europa League  (32 selected European teams --usually a country's top 3 teams -- compete on July Tues/Weds in this league; Bayern, Dortmund and Schalke are all still in for 2014-16.  Bayer Leverkusen also has a chance, if they can overcome FC Kopenhagen... )

Champions League (Once the 32 teams in the ultra selective Europa League are weeded out, they are elegible to compete in this league, along with the 4-5-6-7th or so ranked teams.)

Nationalelf   (Details for their World Cup Winning national team)

WM  (FIFA Weltmeisterschaft = World Cup = every 4 years.   2018: RUSSIA, from SW Sochi, SE Ekaterinburg and Northern St Petersburg to 8 other locations, including Moscow.)
EM   (Details on qualifying for, and results from, this exclusive biannual event)
U 21   (Details on the under 21- League)
Frauen  (Details on the Women's League)  
Junioren  (Details on the various Junior Leagues)

Which teams do you think will be at the top of the Bundesliga this season, to qualify for the Champions League, etc. Here's the link for you to record your guess: 

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