Friday, August 22, 2014

Printed Samples of Fraktur and Kurrent

"Until 1941, German was usually printed in Fraktur and handwritten in Kurrent. Then the Nazis came along and ended this centuries-old tradition..."  --

 Here's a sample of printed Fraktur.  Can you read about "die Orgel" = the organ and other "Klavierinstrumente zum Accompagnement." = and other keyboard instruments used for accompaniment?  The capital letters "S" and "V" I find particularly difficult.  Both are below. Can you find the words "Schade" (a shame) and "Vorzüge"? (advantages)

 Here's a handwritten note by Immanual Kant, in Kurrent, which reminds me of my maternal grandmother's penmanship (1906-1987).  It seems to me that not much changed for 150+ years. 

Can you read this?

Übung:  Locate these words in the above handwritten text:
  • Aufklärung = explanation
  • Unmündigkeit = immaturity 
  • Leistung = accomplishment
  • Mut = courage ..

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