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Berlin 5 Part Documentary by

 This series focusing on Berlin is one of several published by REWBOSS  (Andrew Bossom), a Brit who has been living in Germany for quite a few years now.  The following comment summarizes the reception his series on Berlin has been receiving (which also included a potential nomination for Best of YOUTUBE).  I've become a subscriber...

downhill240  18 hours ago

I don't believe there is a more exciting city on the planet than Berlin. It's history is mind-boggling. I will be watching this entire 5 part series again! Great production, great narrative!! Thank you so much for your time and efforts!!

First:  Tips on visiting Berlin:

Thanks to RewBoss

Episode 1: Birth of a Capital

"Here we explore the very oldest parts of Berlin, tracing its history from its beginnings in the 13th century to the construction of the Brandenburg Gate. Along the way we visit the St Nicholas Quarter (Nikolaiviertel), the TV Tower, Museum Island and Unter den Linden."

Episode 2:  From Empire to Republic

"I trace its history from the creation of the German Empire to the Weimar Republic. Along the way, I visit the Reichstag, Schloss Charlottenburg and the Ku'damm, and take a ride on the U-Bahn."

Episode 3:  Nazionalsozialism

In this video, I look at the impact the Nazi period and its immediate aftermath had on the face of Berlin: the Olympic stadium, Tempelhof Airport, war memorials and the events leading up to the division of Berlin.

Episode 4:  The Cold War

 As tensions between the Western Allies and the Soviets increase, East Germany resorts to extreme measures. But life in the divided city is not quite as bad as it could have been.

NEW TO ME:  Soviets killed 153 protesters (mostly construction workers were protesting poor working conditions) on June 17, 1961.  3 days later, the West Berlin Senate approved renaming part of the E-W access road "Straße des 17. Juni". --rsb 

Episode 5:  A New Berlin   Published on Aug 31, 2014
The Berlin Wall comes down, and life can start to get back to normal. What does the future hold for the city?

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