Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Film und Wettbewerb: Award of Excellence 2016


[PLEASE Google: Goethe-Institut Award of Excellence 2015 MINT if the above doesn't work.]

1.  Re-watch the film, if you want your entry to be competitive.
2.  Open the online quiz.
3.  Submit your answers (only 1 submission per student, or forfeit any prize; see rules).
4.  Wait to learn if you won a summer trip to Germany.

(Who wins?  The highest scorer from the school with the most one formula I've heard about.  Give it a try, for the good of the team!)

It can't hurt to catch sneak preview on that quiz. ... You'll be asked to select the correct answer from the 4 choices you'll find on the link after you've viewed the film.

1.  What  does MINT stand for ?
2.  What are Germany's Core Competencies, which shape its economic strength?
3.  MINT is a program made possible through the cooperation of schools and. . .
4.  What do the students do who participate in MINT?
5.  Between which 2 German cities is Braunschweig located?
6.  How old is the Wilhelm-Gymnasium?
7.  At what age does a German high school (gymnasium) student graduate?
8.  What is the "Ideen ExPO Hannover?" 
9.  How many gymnasien (high schools) participate in the MINT program in Germany?
10.  What was Anna's contribution in the "Youth Does Research" contest?

MINT is an initiative to minimize the skill-shortage problem in Germany.
Take a wild guess how many vacant, highly-skilled, open positions Germany advertised in the jobs market this spring (June, 2015)

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