Thursday, September 16, 2010

European Train Builds Its Own Tracks

Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel habe ich gern!
(I like public transportation!)

I wish we would build much more of it in the USA. It's fascinating to watch how many trains stop at the Dueren Bahnhof PER HOUR! Remember, if you are happy taking public transportation, you don't need to buy, feed (fuel), repair, insure, clean, and store your own automobile; which, if you think about it, would be like your boss agreeing to give you a significant -- think WHOPPING -- raise.

Better yet, you wouldn't need to have a job at all. American kids often work to support their cars. [That, and of course to save for college. And how much tuition did Florian say he had to pay this semester at RWTH Aachen Universitaet? RIGHT: 500 EURO; about US$ 750. ]

Back to today's topic: Here's how the RR beds are built near our partner school. You might be as fascinated by this as I am.

I believe that it was from Flickr that I learned how amazingly strong the machine is at 4:20. It meshes the stones so tightly together that they become as strong as concrete -- while at the same time, the tracks remain fully accessible, should repairs be needed. etc.

--> Where in the USA might we put new train tracks in this manner ?


  1. I sure hope they work more on the Wickford Station before winter rolls around, though they seem to be lagging.

    Once my mother was on a train going through either Sweden or France (or maybe Switzerland?) and a German couple got on and sat across from her. The man was incredibly drunk and dragged the food right off her plate as his girlfriend apologised profusely xD But it is true that public transportation is very commonplace in Europe, and very clean and well-run! Those higher taxes are really worth it when you see where it's all going! I wish we had a better train system in America but with the way neighbourhoods and whatnot are set up it probably wouldn't be too practical and wildernesses would have to be trashed to make way for tracks to be laid down.

  2. I like public transportation too. However Americans like their cars.

  3. This is such as smart idea. Europe has it completely figured out. However America needs a little more help on the whole public transportation thing. We really do need more trains around.

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