Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Two-Way Prepositions

Herr Coyour und Herr Fraseth helfen uns beim lernen.

Die Wechselpräpositionen sind : an auf hinter in neben über unter vor zwischen.

• Akku Form = WOHIN! Gehen wir ins Kino!

• Dativ Form = WO! (und Time Elements) Am Wochenende saß ich allein im Kino.

--> Schreib deine eigenen Beispiele!


  1. I love the introduction music in the video. The rest of it is a little strange. You can totaly tell that they are American just by the way they speak even without the flag in the background...

    When the video of him picking the guy up was recorded it must have been him jumping out then they just put it in reverse. Its very simple but it makes the video a little more interesting.

  2. I liked this video a lot. It was cute and it helped me with directions quite a bit. Kinda like zwischen and vor. I have always had trouble understanding the dem den and accusitive forms and switching forms and all that stuff.