Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Beatles legacy celebrated in Hamburg

Thanks to Langenscheid, the textbook and dictionary publishing company for sending the following links about Hamburg, with a focus on Hamburg's significance in the early life of the British rock legends, the Beatles -- 50 years ago!

First, take a listen to one of their first hit songs. AUF DEUTSCH!

Want to learn more?

The Beatles legacy celebrated in Hamburg, Germany 50 years later - National Celebrity travel |


Official HAMBURG tourist information HERE

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Let's see how much on this topic we can share together, auf Englisch, oder auf Deutsch.


  1. I love the way their voices sound in this song. And the percussion beat with the clapping adds a good effect to the singing. Great song!

  2. I think I heard somewhere that they did a poor job of translating some of their songs, though I can't remember which...

  3. Ich denke dass "The Beatles" sehr schoen auf Deutsch singen. Aber, sie sind ein fantastisch Musikgruppe oder so. Das Lied "Sie Liebt Dich" macht unsere Leistung bei Oktoberfest grossartig.