Wednesday, September 15, 2010

München 2010

"O'Zapft es!"

This year the celebration in München is anticipated to be even larger than ever. Why? It's the 200th anniversary of the famous Royal Wedding which took place on the Theresienwiese, lasting five full days, and has been repeated in various formats ever since.

After an extensive, traditional and colorful parade through the city to the meadow (that's called die Theresienwiese -- named after princess Theresa, who thought to invite the entire community to her wedding with Prince Ludwig of Bayern), Munich's Oberbürgermeister (Head Mayor) declares the year's annual OKTOBERFEST officially open using exactly the words above. You'll hear them in the opening scene of the following film:

--> Why is it important to pay attention to how the apron is tied?

Speaking of appropriate OKTOBERFEST attire, the following photo contest promoted by American Airlines might be something for us, but we'll have to hustle to beat the deadline, which unfortunately is earlier our scheduled celebration (making this potentially a German Club project)? Anybody want to fly free to Germany this summer? Who's in?

'Leder Posin' - Oktoberfest American Airlines

From American Airlines - An Oktoberfest contest: Strike a Hosen For a Chance to Win 275,000 AAdvantage Miles
This year marks the 200th anniversary of Munich Oktoberfest. To commemorate the occasion, we're having an Oktoberfest-themed photo contest, called Leder Posin and giving away 500,000 American Airlines AAdvantagemiles!

Now through October 15, 2010, upload a photo of yourself, friends or even pets posing in traditional German attire at Pose at your local Oktoberfest, the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon... heck, pose on a zebra if you want to.

Entries will be judged on overall awesomeness, so get creative because 10 finalists will each earn 25,000 AAdvantage miles and be eligible for the grand prize of 250,000 AAdvantage miles.Whether you're in Munich or close to home, it's time to celebrate Oktoberfest. So what are you waiting for? Whether you buy 'em, make 'em or fake 'em, grab your lederhosen and start posin'!

Finally, here's an article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel yesterday, complete with a quiz.

--> Hmm. How many did you get right? QUIZ (Viel Glück!)


  1. Going to the Oktoberfest in Munich is on my bucket list. Even if I'm 95 years old I will still find a way to go before I die. I learned some interesting stuff from doing the quiz which I got a 8 out of 12 on which is not a bad score. There was some weird questions on their. One of the questions involved which of these things was not found in the lost. Out the answers I picked toaster not expecting anyone to bring a toaster to Oktoberfest but I was wrong. Who would have thought?
    I would like us to do the 'Leder Posin' contest for the American Airlines. Flying free to German is a very tempting offer. I think we would have a shot at it too. We could get all the GAP kids to dress up and send the picture in. That would definetly cut down on my traveling expences.

  2. It looks so festive! I really hope i have the chance to go to Oktoberfest somewhere in Germany. I see in one of the pictures there is the heart shaped cookies that you are having us make. I'm excited to make that.

  3. Ich leibe Munchen :) eines tages werde ich nach munchen zum Oktoberfest.
    -Die Teufelin