Sunday, November 14, 2010

German School Worth Sacrifice!

Warum gibt es solch eine Schule nicht hier in Nordkönigstadt, oder in Conanicusstadt?

Fairview German School Worth Sacrifice, Parents Say - Education News Story - WLWT Cincinnati


  1. This is awesome. I would have loved to have started to learn a lanquage at such a young age. Sometimes a I feel that America is behind when it comes to language. While we speak the most known language, many of our citizens do not know another language. The German students come and speak fluent German and English, can speak French and are taking Spanish as well. It blows my mind and I feel kind of jealous. When I grow up I hope that this changes and that I'll be able to put my child in a multilanguage school.

  2. I agree, I feel that if we had started learning a different language at a young age it would be ten times easier to learn, also I feel that America is supposed to learn another language because everyone else is learning English it would only be fair

  3. Germany (and Europe in general) has always been a step ahead of us in languages. My friends who live in Europe all know 3 or more. Its unbelievable. So many American Teenagers are hardly doing well in English. In 3rd grade I went to an after school program once a week and we learned Spanish. I still remember most of the colors I learned which proves that at a younger age your brain retains more.

  4. Das war sehr gut.. well I wish I started learning GERMAN at a young age. We start learning other languages at a young age, and German was only offered in high school, but I think they should change it a little bit, so that German is among those languages we learn while very young. People use to speak German in Togo, because it was one of the countries that colonized them, but then the British and French came. So German had to be in third place after French and English.

  5. I think everyone is for teaching languages at a younger age. The problem is that we have a full school day and I don't think any child would want to make their day longer for a foreign language. Also, no department would want to cut down their amount of class time Although, I think cutting out gym for a language would be a good idea. That's not an option though. Anyway, I'm sure we'll have it figured out one day.

  6. Wir sollen Deutsch als junger lernen sind

  7. Ich denke, dass Kinder Deutsch lernen in jungen Jahren sinnvoll ist. Es würde sie in ihrer anderen Klassen helfen. Kinder würden lernen Sie neue Strategien in anderen Klassen verwenden.

  8. I agree with a lot of what Sonja said. I saw a documentary on tv about learning a language and what age it becomes too difficult. The program said that by the age of 8, if a child has not learned a language yet for some reason, its too late. By 8 years old, the part of your brain that retains language is already fully developed. Right there its automatically too late for a student in America who has not yet started two languages by 2nd or 3rd grade, to become fluent in multiple languages. It is really sad to think this, but its true. One of my other teachers also has a wiki page and she posted two videos about being a "digital learner" and one student said that by 2016, the largest English speaking country would be China. The video was geared direcctly at students blogging on a page just like this one. I'd like to find the videos online so maybe you can use them here Frau Baker. They aren't really German related but they have a lot to do with the reasons we blog for class.

  9. Here are the two videos. My english teacher used them to jump start her wiki and I think hopefully you'll find them interesting. They have a lot to do with our blog!

  10. Du machst leichte Verbindungen (make connections easily), und das ist gut. Danke, Margret. Es ist genau wegen solcher (on account of such) Statistik, dass wir jetzt bloggen!

  11. Sicher kann man mit 80 Jahren Sprachen lernen, nur nicht so schnell, als wenn man 8 Jahre alt ist! Ich stimme mit Mwilkins zu (zustimmen = to agree with): Wenn nur auch WIR vor dem Alter von 8 mit Sprachen lernen ANFANGEN KÖNNTEN, dann würden wir nicht nur besser Englisch lernen, sondern auch einfach besser LERNEN, zum Beispiel Mathe, die Wissenschaften (the sciences), andere Sprachen, und MEHR!

    Du schreibst, Zach, über die langen vollen Schultagen, die wir schon haben. Gibt es jetzt genug Zeit für Mathe in der Schule? Ja?

    --> Stimmt ihr alle auch zu?

    Aber stellt ihr euch nur vor (just imagine), wie es euch in der Schule mit Mathe gehen würde, sollte ihr erst mit Mathe in der 8.-9. Klassen angefangen haben, wie es jetzt mit Fremdsprachen läuft. --> Was für Mathe könnt ihr dann in den 4 bleibenden Jahren der Oberschule lernen?

    Sonja, Tatiana, und der Schneemann: Wenn die Eltern hier euch zustimmten, und dieses dem Schoolboard klar machten, dann würden AUCH WIR mit Fremdsprachen früher anfangen. Wir müssen wissen, was wir in der Schulen haben wollen.

    Wie wäre es mit solch einem Plan?
    --> Im Kindergarten: Das tägliche Wetterbericht auf Deutsch zu besprechen!
    --> 1. Klasse: Sport auf Deutsch!
    --> 2. Klasse: Musik auf Deutsch!
    --> 3. Klasse: Geographie auf Deutsch!
    --> 4. Klasse: Gesundheit (Health) auf Deutsch!
    --> 5. Klasse: Mathe auf Deutsch!
    --> 6. Klasse: Lesen / Schreiben auf Deutsch!; auch Englische und Deutsche Grammatik zu besprechen und vergleichen (to compare)!


    So was wäre nicht schlecht! Oder?

    Grace, Du bist ein glückliches Mädchen, viele Sprachen als Kind gelernt zu haben. Was lernt man über Dr. Gustav Nachtigal (der Deutsche "Entdecker"; Togo: 1884) in Togo? Ich habe gelesen, dass er ziemlich beliebt bleibt, denn er hatte eine echte Interesse in die Leute und auch die Pflanzen. Stimmt das?

    Am meisten HANDELTEN (traded) die Deutsche Hanse (Hanseatic League) mit den andern Ländern, anstatt ihnen zu erobern (conquer). Sie kolonisierten sehr spät und wenig. Es bleibt fest (it's been determined), dass Deutschland nichts mit der Menschenhandel (slave trade) zu tun hatten.

  12. This is very cool. I really wish that I had started learning languages when I was younger because it is easier to retain the information and the language in general at a younger age. We learned English extremely fast when we were little, but now it takes us a very long time to just learn a bit of a foreign language. My friends in Europe all speak at least 2 or 3 languages fluently, and I am very jealous of them. Europe is ahead of the United States in the language department, and I think our country needs to step it up! We all need to learn another language at a younger age.

  13. I think its uber gut that the school is adding younger kids to the German language. Just like what Shneemann said...if we start to learn another language at a younger age, then it will be easier to understand and, because they're younger, they'll be able to use their knowledge of their language in the future.
    Der Schweizer

  14. I wish i started to learn a language when I was younger. Now its to late. I am so use to speaking English its hard to learn a new language.

  15. I wish I had started German earlier. Even starting in my freshman year instead of my junior year would have helped me understand the language better.