Thursday, November 11, 2010

La Le Lu Heinz Rühmann singt ein Schlaflied

Wer ist das Kind?! Ich finde ihn sehr brav und lieb.

--> Wo ist die Mami?

--> Was will das Kind zum Geburtstag?

--> Ist das zu viel?

-- > Was ist dem Jungen egal?


  1. I didnt catch it all but I'm pretty sure the Mom is in America? I think he misses his Mother. He wants a lot of things for his birthday but I didnt understand what they all were. This video is very cute though the little boy is a very good actor!

  2. Ja, ich glaube, daß die mom ist in Amerika zu. ICH aggree the Kid sieht cute.

  3. Ah, you can tell what decade this is from, the fashion choices are truly...interesting. He has a nice voice, though.