Thursday, November 11, 2010


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Since I didn't include the full correct address in last week's FRIDAY Newsletter, I have to keep pasting the correct address at the top of the blog. I intend to correct that this week.

To read this year's OKTOBERFEST blog entry, along with comments (15 so far),
please use this link: 6. NKHS OKTOBERFEST am 28. OKTOBER

-- Or, it the link isn't working, see another link to it posted at RIGHT -->
-- Or, click onto the October posts, where it's the 5th one from the top.

NKHS German Program


NKHS German Program


  1. I can't believe that das Oktoberfest is hier and gone! It seemed like yesterday that we were STARTING to plan das Oktoberfest! I can't believe how fast time flies when your having fun in das Deutsch Vierne!
    Der Schweizer