Monday, January 2, 2012

Mannheim: Music Exhibition

Shamonic Drum from Northern Scandinavia

The MusikWelten exhibition at the Bassermannhaus Museum of Music and Art is intended to be a moving musical experience, reports the Goethe-Institut in its January newsletter. With over 200 exhibits – from Aztec whistles to court orchestral instruments from Europe, India, Africa and Japan – it documents the important role played by music in human cultures around the world. Ivory horn from Nigeria with rectangular blowhole

For millennia, music has shaped and formed human communities. The exhibition presents rare shaman drums from Scandinavia, wonderfully colorful fire dance masks from New Guinea and precious concert instruments from the Mannheim Elector’s Court: they all illustrate clearly that music can not only be found in all cultures but continues to move people right up to the present day. Visitors learn how music is used as a means of communication, which ritual and symbolic significance it can have and which role it continues to play today.
Xochipilli: Axtec God of music
In addition to short audio texts, examples of rock, pop and classical music sounds introduce the visitor to the theme-based exhibition rooms and interlink the individual musical traditions. These sound experiences are complemented by light installations and photographs. Visitors can also listen to the sound of specific individual instruments.


  1. This seems like a cool place. It would be interesting to go there.

  2. Wow, ich mag wie das Museum hat alten Instrumenten! diese Topik ist sehr interessant fuer mich da, ich bin sehr beteiligt im Musik..Wenn ich allzeit zu Deutschland gehen, das werden meine Erste-Wahl!

  3. Ich mag wie das Museum. Das ist interessant.

  4. Ich mag diese Museum viele! Ich denke dass es sehr kool ist. Ich mag Musik und irgendetwas mit Musik tun haben. Ich weiss nicht dass die Axtec ein Gott von Musik haben. Ich will nach die Bassermannhaus Museum of Music and Art gehen. Ich denke dass wenn ich nochmal Deutschland gehen dann ich gehe nach diese Museum.