Saturday, November 3, 2012

Debate: WWII and bombing German Civilians

 Was it justifiable that the Allies bombed German cities?

" We kick off in October with a debate on the role of Bomber Command in World War II, with three of Britain’s most distinguished WWII historians and one of our best known moral philosophers going head to head.
Speakers for the motion:

A C Grayling
Philosopher and author of Among the Dead Cities: Is the Targeting of Civilians in War Ever Justified?

Richard Overy
Professor of history at Exeter University who has published extensively on World War II and air power in the 20th century

Speakers against the motion:

Antony Beevor
Award-winning historian whose latest book is the No. 1 international bestseller The Second World War

Patrick Bishop
Former foreign correspondent and one of Britain’s best-regarded military historians. His books include the best-selling Bomber Boys which casts new light on the men who flew in the Strategic Air Campaign


  1. Very interesting, all these years later and it is still a controversial topic

  2. Things like this make you think: why can't everyone just get along?

  3. It's the same questioning if Japan was deserving of the nuclear bombs we dropped on seems as if the innocent people are the ones that pay sometimes.

  4. This will have be the 6000th time that we have had this debate, and we will still be using the same tired arguments.

  5. Travis has a good point. Even 50 years later, people are still talking about this and debating the subject. But, that was war; each country had to do what they had to do in order to come out as the winner. Just like what Tati said, it just so happens that the innocent have to get in the fray and lose their lives.

  6. Ja ich finde das sooo sehr interessant. Tati macht eine gute Punkt. In Ms. Mason's geschischte klasse wir haben uber das theme mit Japan gesprochen. Wir alle haben eine seite ganz fruh gehabt dann nach der klasse mussten wir alle noch einmal sagen mit welche seite wir bleiben. Ich habe gesagt das es noetig war um Japan zu zerbomben. Manchmal trotzdem menschen gestorben sind, viele mehr werden auch gestorben wenn wir das bomb nicht gelassen haben. Manchmal ist es "mehr nett" als menschen denken... wenn ich nett sagen kann...
    Wenn wir das nicht gemacht haben, dann werden viel mehr von beide Bundeslande sterben mit krieg. Ich finde es ganz interessant das es immer noch so ein empfindlich ding ist.

  7. I only watched about five minutes of the video but even with that I still agree with everyone else, especially how it is still such a controversial topic even though it was something that happened so long ago. Also I didn't know that people in Germany still talked about WWII.