Sunday, November 4, 2012

Die Wahl und die Deutsche Politik

A.  Voting in GermanyA GAPPer  responsed to these questions :

1.  Are Germans required to show a proper ID in order to vote?

"There are lists of voters living in each constituency. Six weeks before election day each voters is notified by a special form. Usually it is enough to bring this form to the polling station in order to vote. It is advisable to bring your identity card (Personalausweis) though, because sometimes they
will ask you to show it. [As every German above the age of 16 is required to have a Personalausweis, there is no problem in taking it along."]

2.  Do Germans display political yard signs?

"German homeowners never display their political leanings in public!  Never! They hardly ever speak about how they vote outside their circles."

B.  Results of poll of 1,051 citizens contacted from 29. -31. Okt:   
 Am Mittwoch veröffentlicht (published) die Meinungsforschungsinstitut  (the OPINION RESEARCH INSTITUTE): YouGov -- im (as (contracted by TIME-ONLINE) „Zeit online“   

1.  Obama kam auf 85 %.
2.  Sein Herausforderer (challenger) Mitt Romney würde nur 4 % der Stimmen erhalten.
3.  60 % der Befragten werteten Obamas bisherige Politik als überwiegend positiv.
4.  Lediglich 4 % ziehen eine überwiegend negative Bilanz, 33 % haben keine Meinung.
5.  Von der Wiederwahl Obamas sind 76 % der Deutschen überzeugt.
6.  Nur 8 % räumen Romney die besseren Chancen ein.       

-->  Findest du es interessant, dass die Ergebnisse  (results)  anders sind (are different) , als in den USA?


  1. That's interesting that the people over there are more disclosed with that type of information.

  2. They don't put out political signs ! I wish we didn't put them out in America, because personally, I think they're really ugly.

  3. das ist interessant! ich wuenschte, ich kann in Amerika stimmen, weil ich 16 Jahre alt bin.

  4. I think it is interesting that they don't post any political sings because it shows how they all respect each others privacy and also that Obama got 85%

  5. I wish we didn't put out political signs, some people are way too into it, and some were even left out during the hurricane!

  6. It’s interesting that politics is so different there.