Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kinder aus 1995 im Internet, heute: Viral Video!

Dieser Film ist zweimal so alt wie YOUTUBE (erst 2003 erfunden).


In 1995, prophetic fifth graders predict Internet of the future       

August 19, 20126:00 a.m.  -- 

Talk about waiting for a payoff: Back in 1995, a group of fifth graders led by a clearly visionary video teacher named Cindy Gaffney created a PSA to get kids on the Internet. Eighteen years later, it is finally going viral. The video is kind of awkward and stilted, but its message is so ahead of its time, and prophetic, it's kind of mind-boggling.  "By the time we are in college, the Internet will be our telephone, television, shopping center and workplace," the kids say. 
Then they explain all the cool things that can be done on the Internet in 1995.
"In less than an hour you can visit the planet Jupiter, take a tour of the Sistine Chapel, do research on the rain forest, get soccer scores for a team in Italy, chat with a friend in Australia and I even found a recipe for cat food cupcakes."  I mean, they even got cats in there!
The  video was posted to YouTube in 2009 -- 14 years after it was created -- under the title "Prophetic 1995 Student Internet PSA." But up until Tuesday, the video had only collected about 1,000 views. Then it was suddenly discovered by a handful of Internet culture sites and now it has gone viral. The video has been seen close to 1 million times. 
In an email to the Los Angeles Times, YouTube trends manager Kevin Allocca writes that while the video provides an interesting and funny look at our technological past, it also says something about what the Web is becoming now -- a vast library of our visual history. "Tens of thousands of science and technology videos are currently uploaded to YouTube each day," he wrote. "How many of those will we find adorably retro in 17 years?"

Was koennen unsere Schulen tun, um unsere Kinder fuer die Zukunft vorzubereiten?
--What should our schools be doing, to prepare our kids for the future?

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