Thursday, August 9, 2012

Test Your German -- Cornelsen Publishing


1.  One needs only sign in with First and Last names, which the company will not save, to assure you'll get results you can hold in your hand.

2.  Select the option to test German as a foreign language (Deutsch als Fremdsprache).

3a.  There are 3 test levels identified using the internationally recognized labels:  Level 1= Niveau A1; Level 2 = Niveau A2; Level 3 = Niveau B-1.

3b. They also ask you (Hilfe zur Selbsteinschätzung)  to estimate how much German you've had, so that the results can reflect the success you're having, at the approximate pace at which you're learning.   FIRST they ask that you select your level of learning using the ladders and blocks illustration on the left, and then match that level with an appropriate one of the images at the top, for UNDERSTANDING (listening and reading); SPEAKING (participating and comprehending); and WRITING.

3c.  Finally here as background information (Hintergrundinformation), they offer an explanation of the 3 different learning levels (shown in 3a).

4.   If you are testing for Levels 1 or 2 (Niveau A-1 or A-2), you'll be able to request that the questions appear in English.

Viel Glück!  Lass uns wissen, wie es läuft!

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