Sunday, August 19, 2012

TED Talk: Julian Treasure: Time to Teach Listening

5 Ways to Better Listening

These notes are intended to enhance your listening to Mr. Treasure.

A.  We recognize patterns; we listen to differences.
       We also use these filters in our listening:
   • culture
   • language
   • values
   • beliefs
   • attitudes
   • expectations
   • intentions

B.  He suggests these 5 ways we can work on improving our listening skills:
    1.  Recalibrate our listening abilities by holding 3 minutes of silence per day.
    2.  Listen carefully to determine which and how many different "channels" you can hear at any one time.
    3.  Savor, enjoy, even celebrate even mundane sounds.
    4.  Change your listening position to one that is most appropriate for the information you are extracting.
    5.  Follow this acronym, which, in Sanskrit, stands for "essense":
           R    Receive
           S     Summarize
              Ask questions afterwards

C.  He suggests we need to teach listening skills, in order to connect to and understand others on this planet, and to help us with the very important work that is required to maintain peace.  He says that when we don't bother to listen to others, our world develops into something quite scary, indeed.

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