Saturday, August 25, 2012

TED: Béatrice Coron Cuts Language and Stories from Paper

Brilliant international artist -- and linguist!

"Everybody has a story to tell.
Everybody has to make a story to make sense of the world...
Imagination is the vehicle...
The destination is our minds, and how we can reconnect with the essential, and with the magic..
(That's what) storycutting is about."

I recommend a visit to her website  BÊATRICE CORON - HERE

What's your favorite Béatrice Coron piece?  Were you intrigued by her cape?  I fell in love with her Balloon World, and am fascinated that she thought to make sense, for instance, of the history of candy making.  I think that her public art just soars!  I'm thrilled to learn that she's working on screens and fencing for low income housing.

As one observer [White Tiger333] wrote, I believe, that I too "am gobsmacked by the artistry and enthralled by the Life Observation! The glass projects - wah!!  The love of languages - double wah!!"  

-- Danke, dass du mit dabei bist.

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