Monday, January 17, 2011

The German Confederation

As we prepare for Midterms, take a look at the map of Germania 200 years ago. (Bottom of link below)

On your way there, there's a 4 minute video (overdubbed into English) explaining what the celebrating is all about this time, as, especially Brandenburgers are glancing back 200 years to the death of the 'Mother of the Nation': Queen Luisa of Prussia.

The German Confederation: "The German Confederation 1815-1866 (Deutscher Bund). The dominant states are Austria (yellow) and Prussia (blue)"

Fascinating, right? Let's get back to that map.

--> Where's Poland? -- It's part of Prussia (dismembered in 1795), as is a good part of France.

--> See also the large area of Hanover?

--> What country is Silesia today? (In Saxony, near Görlitz, the city of Bautzen still maintains the language and other strong Silesian elements.)

--> What about Bohemia?


  1. Das ist ein gepflegtes Geschichte über die 2 Prinzessinnen.

  2. I think it's interesting to see the growth of Germany over the years.

  3. Jess, schau mal auf die Landkarte. Was siehst Du da?
    (Ist Deutschland heute größer oder KLEINER als früher?)