Saturday, January 1, 2011

Vienna Konzert, Schloß (Castle) Schönbrunn

Mit Andre Rieu: The Kaiserwalz.

Ever since the mid-40's, there's been a festive holiday waltz-concert in Vienna on New Year's Day, initially to boost spirits, and offer hope for a more sensible future. Waltzes written by Joseph Strauß and also his father are predominently featured in these concerts.

Vienna's New Years Concert is now something that some families book for generations in advance; is broadcast to millions world-wide; and involves not just the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, but also the Vienna State Opera Ballet, along with famous hosts and guest conductors. Of interest is that the Italian city of Sauremo provides lavish floral decorations every year.

Rather than select a scene from this winter concert to include here (there are already at least 5 posting on YOUTUBE from today's concert) I selected a short sample from a warmer, outside concert, where the dancing which takes place inside the Castle is viewed on large screens next to the Orchestra.

Waltzing is Austria's "thing." I'm not sure if it will ever go out of style. I'm told that Viennese kids prefer to take dancing lessons in their free time, rather than skateboard or play video games, which are more prevalent here.

--> What are the chances that waltzing will take hold with the youth here in RI?


  1. Ich sah den Ball-Fall in Deutschland auf tv das war nett.

  2. are these concerts expensive? or anybody can go there. The concert here,(on New Year eve, was like for celebrities, because it was very expensive. In africa, not only celebrities could go to concerts anytime, but everybody.. it was not that expensive. things are so differents everywhere.

  3. I think that waltzing will never be as great as it is there, here. They have the most beautiful music, with the traditions of dancing. Most kids here wouldn't do it, but I think it would be so cool if they did.