Friday, January 28, 2011

Killerpilze | Lieb mich oder Hass mich

Etwas lustiges (something humorous) zum Sankt Valentinstag!

Killerpilze | Video: Lieb mich oder Hass mich: "Killerpilze | Video: Lieb mich oder Hass mich"

--> Es geht um ein Fernsehprogramm. Welches?

--> Was sind Pilze? (Mushrooms!)


  1. It's very interesting. It reminds me of a '70s show because of how the "The Love Show" sign was written and the flowers all over the wall. It also reminds me about a '70s show because of the names. The names seem like an ordinary name for the time.

  2. This show sounds interesting. I would watch if I could.