Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King in Berlin, 1964

Bitte sehr!

Martin Luther King with Robert Abernathy, overlooking the site at the Berlin Wall where a shooting had just taken place (the freedom-seeker fleeing the German Democratic Republic was hit, but survived).

Lies mehr, über diesen Besuch -- auf ENGLISCH, HIER:

Did you know that Martin Luther King's father's MIDDLE name was self-selected? He officially changed his name from Martin King, after a lengthy stay in Germany, during which he became highly impressed with Martin Luther's life and work. Thus, we celebrate the famous German Reformer's name as well on this holiday.


  1. Thats so interesting. I had no idea he changed his name.

  2. Thats cool. why did he change his name.

  3. I never knew that he chose his name

  4. Dass ist kuhl seinen nehme Deutsch ist.

  5. thats interesting that Martin Luther KIng jr went to germany I never knew that thats a cool fun fact.