Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kaiser Franz Joseph von Hapsburg und Kaiserin Sisi (Sissi; Elisabeth)

It's hard to find any royalty better loved than this pair from. In the previous post, Violinist André Rieu mentioned that the audience had just been able to welcome the royal pair from the mid 19th century into one of its main addresses: Schönbrunn Castle. Here "they" are, arriving:

I'm not sure of the significance of the Kaiser's green hat, but this hat was also seen in the ballet. Anybody know?

The concert included this bit of humor with the first contra bass player from France. Please chime in: Do you agree with the audience that this is a funny piece?

der Schmied = the blacksmith
Er will sein Instrument stimmen = He wants to tune his instrument.
ausziehen = to undress


  1. Andre Lieu sounds french... i use to play violin but i think i forgot how to play..

  2. I like the different genres of music, it's nice to hear something different every once in a while