Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Legibility and Learning

The following link leads to an article which presents a critical study regarding the results of learning via Kindle- or other spoon-fed type reading system. According to the study, such an easy-to-follow delivery makes learning more of a snooze; more difficult through which to retain information.


What do you make of the study?

If you have glanced inside many of the books in the corner bookshelf in Classroom 209, you'll find much of the them are printed in a Suetterlin Script, a script introduced in 1915, and eventually taught in all German schools by 1935. After 1941 under Adolf Hitler, schools streamlined once again, and began teaching the current script we read easily today.


However students of German in the USA continued to learn the language from books printed in Suetterlin Script for many years. --> Do you think such a script would be a set-back in our quest to learn German?

--> How much of the above text can you decipher?

--> According to the study above, changing away from the less legible Suetterlin Script was a setback. Do you agree?


  1. That study is really interesting. I could understand how reading neat text is easier to forget. I don't think learning the script would be a set-back at all.

  2. Wow that is really interesting...my dad got the "nook" for Christmas, which is kinda like the Kindle. It's just a little bit different like it's touch screen and you get full internet access, but you can still buy books, magazines, articles, or whatever you want to read. I don't think I would ever forget the text or theme of the book just because it's in a neater text! I mean, even if the text on the kindle is neat, they still use the same exact text on books, which is Times New Roman...I don't really buy the whole study

  3. I think we should use the Kindle more rather than books so we can use less paper. Also I think kids would be read the Kindle more because it is more appealing than a book.

  4. Thats so cool! My grampa has a kindle and he realy likes it he uses it all of the time

  5. My mom got a kindle for christmas and she uses it all the time. I think neat text would be easier to remember. I agree with Bernhardt, later people should use the kindle instead of books it saves a ton of paper.

  6. Gut! Ich lese gern was Ihr hier schreibt. Macht weiter so!

    --> Uebrigens, koennt Ihr den Text im Suetterlinschrift lesen?
    --> Zum Beispiel (for example): Koennt Ihr das Wort "Spaetherbstnachmittage" finden?

  7. I can see how changing from 'Suetterlinschrift' was a step back. Some old letters from my ancestors are written in a similar stype, and it's slightly hard to read.

    I'm not one to throw stones, though, my handwriting often borders on the illegible.


  8. I think that this is really useful and can save a lot of paper

  9. I think it would just be a small change we could easily adjust to.

  10. This is really cool. I can see how something hard to read would actually make you understand it and remember it better. We must apologize to any teachers with really bad hand writting because they actually helped us learn better. I wonder if students with bad hand writting remember what they wrote because they have such bad hand writting. I should try to write my notes in more unique ways and maybe I'll be able to remember it better.