Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ad Block from 1981

It used to be that German TV programs ran uninterrupted. All ads were grouped together, between cartoon hosts, before the broadcasts. Here's one such 3:30 minute block, which includes ads for Ritter Sport (chocolate), Kukident (toothpaste), Quench (beverage powder), Esso (North Sea oil platform -!), Gard (shampoo).

Then, a preview follows for "Der große Preis" as well as the intro to a TV show called "Der Fuchs von Övelgönne" (The Fox from Övelgönne).

--> AH! Glimpses from before you were born. How much did you understand?

--> Was macht stark?

--> Haare gut, alles gut?


  1. Honestly, I think I'd be okay with interruptions from Ritter Sport...

  2. I have sudden cravings for chocolate and maybe a drink, but before I can run down to the store I have to stop for gas...

  3. Yeah, that Ritter Sport looked really good. Also, cute cartoons.

  4. The Ritter Sport looks like a cool cartoon. I also think it would be okay with interruptions.