Saturday, October 8, 2011

Die Dorfrocker sind jetzt in den USA

Die 3 Jungs (1) sind albern (are silly); (2) jodeln; (3) feiern gern OKTOBERFEST; und (4) lieben Fußball.

1. Der schönste Baum ist der Vogelbeerbaum


3. Auf der Alm

4. Schwarz Rot Gold!



  1. I really like all of these songs. What is the first band singing about? I know that they're singing about a tree but I don't know what kind of tree.

  2. Ich mag diese Lieder. I like the 4th one the best.

  3. Schweizer, these verses are generally riddles, but there really is such a thing as a Bird-Berry-Tree, and it's laden with superstition and legends. The wood is particularly hard, for instance, so walking sticks and magic wands have ideally been made out of these branches. The trees don't grow very tall. I'll insert above a photo of the prolific (but bitter tasting) fruit, courtesy of Wikipedia.

    Hier schon wieder eine Frage:
    -->Schnitzen (to whittle) wir
    unsere Quidditch Besen (broomsticks)
    vom Holz (wood) des (of the) Vogelbeerbaums?

    Ja? Fangen wir an!