Monday, October 31, 2011

Bundeswehr: Wir dienen. Deutschland

The German Armed Forces. We serve. Germany.

Germany's military services are voluntary. All serve voluntarily in some capacity, but opting out of the military is unquestioned and popular. Women may also serve, but are not required to fulfill a voluntary year.

--> How does this ad seem similar (aehnlich) to ads for the US military? Different (anders)?


  1. This ad seems similar to our ads because the music seems similar to the US Army's ads. Also, it shows the armed forces doing good things and motivates you to join up. It's interesting because I haven't heard too much on Germnay's military... I personally like the US Military ads better.

  2. It's kind of interesting to see how every army recruiter in the world uses the exact same tactics to appeal to young testosterone filled males. This one seems to be less focused though, probably because the current German army doesn't actually need separate advertisements for their different branches like we do. It's also got a larger focus on non-combat roles to appeal to markets that aren't 18 year old males.

  3. Yeah it looks like the same exact commercials and advertisments that todays milatry has almost every where.